Friday, 17 August 2012

2012 Study by Natasha Scott (supervised by BG Charlton)


The study was a questionnaire survey and intelligence test of 26 subjects (15 men, 11 women; aged between 18-60, mean age 34) drawn from two specific Mormon churches in the North East of England.

Permission to conduct research was obtained from the Bishop, and questionnaires were handed-out to the congregation during a Sunday morning visit - the response rate was about 12% of the two churches memberships.


Mean completed family size (aged over 40): 3.5 (SD 0.8)

[UK National mean completed family size: 1.9]

Mean intended family size (all subjects): 3.7 (SD 1)

Mode intended family size (all subjects): 4


Average age of marriage Mormon men in this sample: 24 years old (SD 2.4) [National average 32]

Average age of marriage Mormon Women in this sample: 22 years old (SD 2) [National Average 30]


WORDSUM brief intelligence test (ten multiple choice word definitions)

88% of subjects scored 7 or more, mean score was 8, 27 percent scored 9 or 10. The results indicate that this sample was considerably above average intelligence.

There was no significant trend towards a correlation between WORDSUM/ IQ-rank score and intended fertility (most national samples indicate a negative correlation between IQ and fertility)

 Social class: 92 % of the sample were in the top two social classes - professional and managerial.


Factors influencing family size decisions - clear cut responses

In influencing the size of your family, how important is your belief that family relationships continue after death? 77% regarded this as important (58% 'Very important'; 19% 'Important').

In influencing the size of your family, how important is your desire to follow church teachings regarding the plan of salvation and the purpose of the family? 77% regarded this as important (35% Very Important, 42% Important).

In influencing the size of your family, how important are answers to prayers and fasting, or other personal revelations? 88% regarded this as important (53% very Important, 35% Important).



  1. It seems TFR for White-Mormons in the USA remains a steady 3.0 in the 2010s, now, with no signs of moving down:

    Mormon Fertility in the 21st Century and America's Destiny

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